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My apologies for not being more regular with the updates, teasers and such, folks... been really busy on this end, but since I did say you'd be seeing some stuff, I'll do my utmost best to be a man of my word and over the next few months do a better job of showing more of these characters, showing more art of them, etc. I owe it to myself, as well as the audience I'm trying to build within you guys.
Simon - Concept Sketch by Dark-S1ayer
Simon - Concept Sketch
This is no ordinary man.

Meet Simon, co-owner and occasional bartender at a new bar called "Forgive & Forget". At first glance, he doesn't seem like much, aside from maybe dressing like he belongs in the 1920's, but there's alot more to this fellow than meets the eye. He runs his bar smoothly and doesn't ask for much, other than to not bring violence into it. I suppose in that regard, he's not too different from many bartenders especially those from the old west, not wanting trouble and all. Most of his staff is female, (such as his business partner and the main bartender, Megan) but it has nothing to do with sex appeal, believe it or not. He's a gentleman, and he actually cares about his staff like a family, which is why he looks after them, and has been known to defend his bar, and those who work there, when necessary. Of course, that doesn't mean the girls don't know how to defend themselves, either.

Not long after hiring a new girl, Jezz, it seems trouble has found its' way to Simon's establishment. And for a man who has never taken sides, though has been known to dabble in the information trade business (hey, information sells more than alcohol sometimes, and considering he owns a bar, one could imagine the things he hears) catering to either side of law, he finds himself thrust into the beginning of something that will inevitably make him think hard about what he fights for, and whose side he's on.

There's also the little matter of a secret of his that's going to come to light.


Art provided and done by :iconkittydee:

All characters, elements and everything pertaining to The Far Side of Normal is copyrighted and owned by yours truly.
Vincent - Concept sketch by Dark-S1ayer
Vincent - Concept sketch
Savior? Perpetrator?

A former detective, now private investigator, this fellow here is one law-enforcer that has a unique advantage that most wouldn't expect. Sleep isn't necessary. Blood is though. But when you're a vampire, that's all part of the package. What separates Vincent from the rest, though, is that need to do the right thing. Perhaps it's because he's seen enough death over the years, perhaps he's just tired of seeing those that have been wronged not get the justice they deserve, or maybe he's just a vampire in need of an outlet? Either way, you'll never find a more dedicated man than this one here.


Art provided and done by :iconkittydee:

All characters, elements and everything pertaining to The Far Side of Normal is copyrighted and owned by yours truly.


Normal is overrated
United States
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Alright, after months and years of work, and keeping silent... I'm proud to OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE THE FAR SIDE OF NORMAL webcomic!



It's an interesting comic that will venture into many different genres as it progresses. Though I've always considered it somewhere between sci-fi and fantasy, personally.


But where are my manners...

Folks, I'm not alone in this endeavor... I found myself a lovely partner in the form of the talented and extremely delightful :iconkittydee: who has been a blessing and absolute joy to work with! Check her gallery out, if you don't believe me, and hell check it out anyway, because her art style never ceases to amaze me. :D


She has been so very monumentally helpful in this, and I must confess, I would not have come this far, without her. Thanks again, Dee!


But back to business, she's handling the page work whilst I'm dishing out the scripts and story, all of which have been looking very promising, and I can't wait to show you all!





Now then, as for a "release date", I'm saying around Late this year, early 2015, at the latest.






However! In the meantime, I will be posting concept art, teasers, a bit of info, and more, in regards to what you have to look forward to with the comic. This will happen at least once a month.


This has been a huge endeavor from the beginning (which started... I believe back in high school with the development of a character or two you'll come across in the comic itself) and hell, it started off as one thing, then another, and went back and forth between this and that, before it became this singular universe that I've built.


I had developed all these characters, and I hope you find each of them as interesting as the last. And who knows, maybe even find some favorites, amongst the crew, yourselves!



I will be releasing a few things today for you guys to take a look at, and I hope you all like it. Since this is just the beginning!


And remember to stay tuned, my friends. You're in for one hell of a ride.








I'd also like to mention, that my dear partner :iconkittydee: is also taking commissions! I can't express how great and awesome her art is! Feel free to drop by her page for a glance at her gallery, commissions, or even just to say hi! You know you want to! :D Give her some love!

KittyDee: Commission Me! by kittydee

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